Hi, my name is

Vadim Makeev

Black and white portrait on a colored background.

I’m a frontend developer in love with the Web, browsers, bicycles, and podcasting

Here you can find my thoughts on web development, some of my projects, and information about me


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A CSS challenge: skewed highlight


Recently Sacha Greif challenged his Twitter followers to code a fancy highlighter effect using only CSS. Guess what? I took the bait and started coding!

CSS and JavaScript as first-class citizens in Eleventy

CSS JavaScript Eleventy

When building websites on Eleventy, we often have to decide how to deal with the CSS and JavaScript post-processing. Recently I came up with a solution, finally making CSS and JS first-class citizens in Eleventy for me.

A third breath


On February 5th, 2008 I published a post called “A second breath” on my old blog. It lasted for a while until I stopped posting in 2014. Eight years later I’m taking a third breath and starting another blog.


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