Hi, my name is

Vadim Makeev

Black and white portrait on a colored background.

I’m a frontend developer in love with the Web, browsers, bicycles, and podcasting

Here you can find my thoughts on web development, some of my projects, and information about me


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CSS lazy loading is kinda broken in Safari

CSS JavaScript

Remember this old trick that allowed us to load only critical CSS and defer the rest? The one, that used media="print" and onload event. I just realized that sometimes it doesn’t work in Safari.

A CSS challenge: skewed highlight


Recently Sacha Greif challenged his Twitter followers to code a fancy highlighter effect using only CSS. Guess what? I took the bait and started coding!

CSS and JavaScript as first-class citizens in Eleventy

CSS JavaScript Eleventy

When building websites on Eleventy, we often have to decide how to deal with the CSS and JavaScript post-processing. Recently I came up with a solution, finally making CSS and JS first-class citizens in Eleventy for me.


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