A third breath


On February 5th, 2008 I published a post called “A second breath” on my old blog. Unfortunately, it’s in Russian, so you might not have a chance to enjoy it. This post’s first comment suggested using jQuery to make rounded corners. And it wasn’t a joke 😳

Anyway, as you might’ve guessed by the title, it wasn’t my first attempt at blogging. It lasted for a while until I stopped posting in 2014. You know, too busy with social media, conferences, podcasting, and other stuff.

Eight years later I’m taking the third breath and starting another blog. Lucky for you, this time it’s in English. Lucky for me, I’m not promising to post daily as I did in 2008.

I’m not starting with just a promise, you can already read a few articles: new “6+5 ways to make a two-column layout” and old “When is a button not a button?” published in Smashing Magazine in 2019. But there’s more! I already have another article in the queue and a big list of ideas. Subscribe to RSS so you won’t miss them!

It’s been busy eight years, so now I have a few projects you might find interesting. And if you’re curious about who I am, you can find some answers too.

There are no comments this time, but you can always let me know what you think on Twitter. Enjoy! ✨